Teacher Appreciation Week

Next week, the first week in May, is Teacher Appreciation Week.

On Thursday, May5th, we will be having a faculty luncheon, to help thank them for all they do throughout the year. And we are looking for donations of your delicious food! 

Kindergarten - Desserts
First Grade - Appetizers and Finger Foods
Second Grade - Desserts
Third Grade - Appetizers and Finger Foods
Fourth Grade - Desserts

You are welcome to add a note to the dish, and we will post them up in the Teachers' Room, for everyone to enjoy.

If you are bringing hot food, please ensure it arrives hot, and in a Crock Pot, or other warming server, and has a serving utensil. Please drop off all food to the Teachers' Room by 10:30, the morning of the luncheon. Your servers and utensils can be picked up anytime after 1:30 PM, in the Teachers' Room, that same day.

Please email to Sarah DiFrenna at spdifrenna@comcast.net, and let her know what you will be bringing, and if you would like to volunteer to help set up and/or clean up.

Thank you so much!
The Teacher Appreciation Team